Make Bath Time Safe For Your Baby

Many babies absolutely love bath time because it’s new a fresh to them. But bath time can be dangerous for babies because they can drown in just a few inches of water. At such a tender age, they don’t even know how to hold their breath yet! So, it’s important to make sure you supervise your baby during bath time, and keep some important things within arms reach.

If you are interested in providing a safe and intimate bath experience for your baby, get yourself a tub shaped like a bucket. Such baths are created to imitate the feeling of being inside the womb: they snuggly sit in the bucket in the fetal position, making them feel safe and at home.

If you don’t have a bucket bath for your baby, however, make sure the tub has been made slip-proof with a mat or towels. Another great tool is a baby bath chair for them to sit on during bath time.

Babies are very sensitive to hot and cold water, so be sure to use warm water. One thing you can do to make sure the temperature is perfect is to test the water with your finger or elbow first. Another thing you can do is buy a bath thermometer, which will change colors when it reaches the perfect temperature.

Be wary of baby bath products, as they might not be as safe as they claim. Research shows that around 60 percent of bath products for babies have a few hazardous chemicals in them. Regulations aren’t very strict for these products, so it’s not uncommon to find chemicals known to cause cancer, as well as some that will cause skin rashes. The labels claim to be baby safe, but they aren’t really… so watch out!

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