The Best Ways to Stop Your Baby From Crying

There’s no love stronger than that of a parent to their child. Except, maybe, in the wee hours of the morning after hours of hearing your baby cry incessantly. Exactly how are you supposed to quiet a screaming baby anyway? New parents with their first baby could probably use a few tips, and seasoned pros with a gaggle of children might enjoy hearing how other parents do it as well. Wherever you are, enjoy these tips for calming your dearest little one.

Babies are just like grown-ups in that they have their own likes and dislikes. It’s important to remember that not every child will respond the same way to the techniques; some may work wonders and some may not work at all.

Wrap the Baby

One of the best ways to make your baby relax is to snuggly wrap them up in a blanket, also called swaddling. But what is the best way to do it?

Lay the blanket down in the shape of a diamond in front of you.  Fold the top corner down towards yourself; put your baby in the center with the head at the fold. Place your baby’s arms by their sides or on their chest. Wrap one corner around the baby and tuck it under their back. Now fold the bottom corner onto the chest and wrap the last remaining corner around the baby. After he or she is firmly wrapped in the blanket, pick up and hold your baby for a while.


The “rock-a-bye” technique requires patience and endurance, so if you want to get a workout while calming your baby, this one’s for you.

Be sure to hold on tight to your baby in the cradle of your arms. It’s best not to be sitting on a rocking chair, because many babies don’t like it. Stand firmly, with your legs wider than your hips. Now, move your hips and rock your baby back and forth. How fast or slow you go depends on your child, so try different speeds until you find the perfect one!

The Sound of White Noise

One thing babies love is to listen to soothing sounds or music.

Try turning on the radio and setting it to a place in between stations; this sound of white noise we usually hate, can be very soothing to a baby. Keep the volume at a lower level or you might startle the child. You’ll be surprised how relaxing your baby will find this!

If you’re baby is having a hard time, try all of these techniques at the same time. But be patient but because it will take time for you to figure out what is most effective with your particular baby. Try new techniques and be open to possibilities. But most importantly, take a moment to enjoy yourself with your baby, because it won’t last forever!

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