Baby gear you must have

If you are a new mom, or mom-to-be, you could use all help you can get! Well, here is a gear you may find useful, or better say, necessary!

• Ubbi Diaper Pail is the most important thing for a nursery. It has a great tightly sealed lid, so the smell of dirty diapers stays inside. It looks great as well, so it will blend in your nursery room. Ubbi uses the regular trash bags (same as for a kitchen) so it makes it even more practical. Ubbi Diaper Pail cost only $80.

• Dwell Studio Nursery Bedding is a perfect solution for your child bedding. It is cheap, $40-$150 and it washes perfectly.

• Your baby deserves the softest cloth you can find. Well, the best is Kissy Kissy Layette. It stretches and gowns, so your baby will feel comfortable wearing it.

• The Moby Wrap is just great, but many moms don’t believe that it can support properly their baby, so many of them avoid using it. There are several videos online that will show you, how much Moby Wrap is useful and strong. With a price of $50, you just must use it!

• Driving a car with your baby in the back seat is huge a responsibility. Things are even worse because you cannot see your baby! Use Munchkin Back seat mirror. It is fully adjustable, so you can use it in any car. When your baby gets a bit older, this gadget will add entertainment, because babies like looking at themselves. It costs only $20.

• Mamaroo is my favorite. It isn’t very cheap, $200, but it is just great. It will mimic how you move while holding your baby.


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