Helpful tips for separation anxiety tips in babies

When you try to sneak out of your covers to make your quick move to toilet before the baby wakes and before you could hit the floor you hear the familiar wail of your baby. Almost all mothers face the same thing and have to manage the baby with you. 
Separation anxiety in babies is real and a distressing event. In their early months of life babies have no concept of independence and when are separated from their mothers the start wailing or showing signs of anxiety they undergo. It’s a huge shock for babies to see their mother leaving them as they think that their mother and they are combined being till they gradually know the truth. There are certain that can always prove helpful for your baby.
1.    Attachment is no harm to your baby
Some researchers made a study in which two sets of parents and children were studies in order to know attachment theories. Group 1 were attachment parented babies, where there infants were securely attached and the second group was group 2, where babies were parented in a restrained way and the babies of group 1 turned out to be more independent as compared to group 2 which further prove that spoiling children theory is of no use.
2.    Help your baby learn
Developmental changes occur after some time in babies and it’s a good sign too. Peek-a-boo like games become the best games for kids and they love appearing and disappearing over and over, learning this way is normal.
You can always take help of a professional who can tell you how to manage your baby and let him develop the positive way.


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