Mommy’s and baby’s talk

It is a special bond between a mom and her baby. Of course it is special between a baby and her father, but it seems like mothers and babies are so connected that even though babies cannot talk, they understand each other perfectly.

Some scientists think that babies can understand their mommies even when they speak in language they have never heard in their short lives.
When you have mothers who speak more than one language, maybe you will notice that her baby will understand both, not because she actually understands, but because of her mother’s voice and tone.

This simply means that baby will understand you no matter what you are saying because of your voice.
One study has shown that babies respond to your tone and they do understand what you are trying to say because you’ve used that tone since the day they were born.

Even adults know that it is not important what you say, but how you say it, that’s why your baby will sense if something is wrong or not by the sound and the tone of your voice, and since mothers are spending majority of their time with them, their communication is maybe little bit more specific and special.

So if you are scared because you don’t know how to “talk” to your baby, don’t be, because your baby will be able to figure out what you are saying, you just pay attention to your tone and in time she will learn to make a difference between a happy and an angry tone.


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