Too Many Moms Gain Too Much Weight After Pregnancy

A new study has shown that during pregnancy moms tend to gain too much weight thus putting their unborn child and themselves at a risk of a number of health problems.

This study which saw nearly more than 44,000 moms taking part revealed that 50% of those mums who took part in the study had gain too much weight during their pregnancy. The study also revealed that 1 in 5 moms gained too little weight while 32% of moms fell within the recommended weight gain during pregnancy.
The fact that too many moms gained too much weight during their pregnancy has worried several doctors due to the implication that the weight gain might have on the mom themselves as well as their child.

According to the moms who gain too much wait are at a high risk of developing health problems which can be lasting. In addition to that they are highly likely to have gestational diabetes, emergency c-sections, premature delivery and preeclampsia just to mention a few.

The reason as to why many moms gained weight during their pregnancy is still yet to be known. That said the director of the Be Well Moms Program in a Clinic in Cleveland, Dr. Karen Cooper, says that the weight gain may be due to the fact that many women believe that pregnancy is the time for them to eat and that they will lose the weight quickly after delivering.

Another doctor from the same clinic, Dr. Megan Lutz states that, “Women probably don’t know what risk factors they may have at the start of pregnancy which put them at risk for excessive or inadequate weight gain in pregnancy. Women may not know dietary or exercise recommendations to succeed in pregnancy.”


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