Your Post-Baby Body

After you had a childbirth, you are tired but extremely happy. When that shock fades out, you start paying attention to your body. Every new mom knows that her life is never going to be the same (it will be better) but they expect their bodies to be the same. The truth is that your body has changed forever! You may get your pre-pregnancy weight back, but a few extra pounds will still be there. Whatever you are doing you cannot lose them. Your body carried an extra weight for nine months, so it had to adapt for that. Luckily, there are a few good news. The curves of your hips are more beautiful and the same thing is with your cheekbones.

Your body changed the way it function. After a child birth, it must recover and ‘’fix’’ many things. But, even after that, some issues are still there. You may not be able to run 5 miles without some minor pain (usually in the hips) or to have a flat belly, but you have a child. That is much more important than how you look. In some other ways, your body will become better. You will be able to get up from the bed 10 times per night. Your biceps will grow, your core will become stronger, due to often lifting of your baby. Soon, you will be able to hold your baby for a long period, and you won’t be tired.

How much your body will change, depends on how many children you will have. Anyway, you will have to change your lifestyle, to stop doing certain things and start doing some others. Maybe it sounds like a big deal, but every new mom is happy, and this is important!


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